Internet Composing Tourney
Judges: Harry Fougiaxis & Kostas Prentos (Greece)

Helpmates in 3 or 4 moves featuring "active" sacrifices of one or more white pieces (not pawns). The sacrifices may occur on vacant (preferably) or occupied squares. At least two phases are required (set play, twins, solutions, variations type Onitiu or Gussopulo), but duplex or zero-positions are not allowed. H#3½ with two or more solutions are also allowed, but H#2½ are not. No fairy pieces or conditions are permitted.

Send your entries by e-mail only to Kostas Prentos by 31st of August at the latest.

Yury Gusev
Valery Barsukov

1 Pr Die Schwalbe 1992
Michel Caillaud
2 Pr Die Schwalbe 1992
(4+9)     H#4

1.Te3 Sxe5 2.Txe5 Lc1 3.Td5 La3#
1.Tb4 Lxf6 2.Sxf6 Sg5 3.Sd5 Sge4#
1.f5 Sb5 2.cxb5 Sxe5 3.Ld5 Le7#
1.Ka5 Ld3 2.Da4 Lb5 3.axb5 Le5 4.a6 Lc7#
1.a5 Lc3 2.Tb3+ Lb4 3.axb4 Le4 4.a5 Lc6#

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