Metaxa Tourney
Judge: Pavlos Moutecidis (Greece)

Selfmates in 6 or more moves with two (or more) solutions. Twins are not allowed. All white pieces must be used in both (all) solutions.

7 problems were received, out of which 4 were cooked.

George Georgopoulos
Pr Metaxa Ty
Halkidiki 2004
Andrey Selivanov
Pr Metaxa Ty
Halkidiki 2004
Kohey Yamada
Comm Metaxa Ty
Halkidiki 2004
2 solutions
2 solutions
2 solutions

Prize: George Georgopoulos (Greece)
i) 1.g7+! Tf6 2.Dd2+ Tf4 3.g8=D d6 4.Dd6+ Tf6 5.Df4+ Txf4 6.Df8+ Txf8# (3...d5 4.Ld3 d4 5.De3 dxe3 6.Df8+ Txf8#)
ii) 1.Df8+! Kxg6 2.Dd6+ Kf7 3.De7+ Kg6 4.Dxd7 Kh6 5.Dd6+ Tf6 6.Df8+ Txf8#

Prize: Andrey Selivanov (Russia)
Letter M = Moutecidis!
i) 1.Ld4! Kd6 2.De5+ Kc6 3.De4+ Kd6 4.Tb6+ Kc7 5.Tc6+ Kd8 6.Lb6+ Tc7 7.La5! Kc8 8.Dd3! Txc6 9.Da6+ Txa6#
ii) 1.Lc3! Kd6 2.De5+ Kc6 3.Ta7! Kb6 4.Da5+ Kc6 5.Kb8! Kd6 6.De5+ Kc6 7.Ta5! Kb6 8.Df6+ Td6 9.Dd8+ Txd8#
Echo chameleon model mates.

Commendation: Kohey Yamada (Japan)
i) 1.Dh1+ Kg3 2.Dg2+ Kf4 3.Df3+ Ke5 4.De4+ Kd6 5.Dd4+ Kc7 6.Db6+ Txb6#
ii) 1.Lg1+ Kxg1 2.Dh1+ Kf2 3.Dg2+ Ke3 4.Df3+ Kd4 5.De4+ Kc5 6.Db4+ Txb4#