Macleod Whisky Tourney
Controller: Colin Sydenham
Judges: Michael McDowell & David Friedgood (artistic merit)
John Nunn & Colin McNab (difficulty)

In a H#2 a white battery is masked by a black man; in the twin(s) that black man is moved to mask a different white battery. The white batteries may be direct or indirect, but not half-batteries.

Entries will be scored separately for difficulty and quality. In scoring for difficulty only the easiest solution in each part will count, and if there are more than two parts only the first two listed will be scored.

Colin Sydenham
The Problemist Supplement 2004


a) 1.Lc2 Lc1+ 2.Kd3 Te3#
b) 1.Lc3 Te6+ 2.Kd4 Le3#

b) Ld3=>d4

Mark Erenburg
1 Pr Macleod Whisky Ty
Halkidiki 2004
Harri Hurme
2 Pr Macleod Whisky Ty Halkidiki 2004
Gady Costeff & Ofer Comay
3 Pr Macleod Whisky Ty Halkidiki 2004
b) Se5=>e4
b) De6=>d5
b) Se4=>d4

1st Prize: Mark Erenburg (Israel)
a) 1.Sdc6 Le3 2.Te2 Td6#
b) 1.Se2 Td6 2.Df8 Le3#
This problem achieved a good balance between quality and difficulty. The reversal of white moves is a rare touch of sophistication for this tourney.

2nd Prize: Harri Hurme (Finland)
a) 1.Txg2 Sxg2 2.Dxf5 Td6#
b) 1.Kxf5 Sh3 2.De4 Lc8#
Here the marks for difficulty overwhelmed the marks for quality.

3rd Prize: Gady Costeff & Ofer Comay (Israel)
a) 1.Dxf5 Tg8 2.Kf4 Txf5#
b) 1.Dxc4 La5 2.Kd3 Lxc4#
An elegant construction in which both batteries are abandoned.