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Closing Banquet

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01 Caissa by Nicolas Sphicas (http://www.logicalchess.com/info/graphics/sphicas/)
02 Sheridan Handloser (Switzerland)
03 General view of the banquet
04 General view of the banquet
05 bernd ellinghoven (left) and Hans Gruber (right)
06 Hans Peter Rehm (left) and Kjell Widlert (right)
07 Thomas Maeder (left) and Roland Baier (right)
08 Juliana Vermeer and Hans Uitenbroek
09 Piet le Grand (left) and Johan de Boer (right)
10 Peter Bakker (left) and Peter van den Heuvel (right)
11 Joost de Heer (left) and Dolf Wissmann (right)
12 Harri and Riitta Hurme (Finland)
13 Pauli Perkonoja (left) and Jorma Paavilainen (right)
14 Jorma Paavilainen (Finland)
15 Kari Karhunen (left) and Henry Tanner (right)
16 Riitta Hurme, Leena Turner and Hannu Harkola
17 Hannu Harkola (left) and Bedrich Formanek (right)
18 The Parrinello family, from left to right: Gabriele, Paola, Mario, Giulia
19 Paola and Mario Parrinello (Italy)
20 Sheridan and Chris Handloser (Switzerland)
21 Chris Handloser (left) and Paul Valois (right)
22 Jim and Carol Grevatt
23 Ann Rice and Tony Lewis
24 Sally Lewis, Riitta Hurme and Allan Bell
25 From left to right: Ward Stoffelen, Marcel van Herck, Andy Ooms (Leena Turner with the camera at the background)
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