Up one level 47th WCCC, 4-11 September 2004, Halkidiki, Greece » Bughouse Tournament

Bughouse Tournament

01 David Friedgood and John Nunn against Hitoshi Yanami and Kohey Yamada
02 Panagis Sklavounos and Dimitris Skyrianoglou against Ilya Ketris and Ivan Bender
03 Ion Murarasu and Eric Huber against James Quah and Yosi Retter
04 George Georgopoulos and Kostas Prentos against Milan Petras and Michal Dragoun
05 Colin McNab and Jonathan Mestel against Klemen Sivic and Kresimir Starcevic
06 Michal Dragoun and Milan Petras against Kostas Prentos and George Georgopoulos
07 Great interest for the Bughouse tourney!
08 John Nunn and David Friedgood against Ram Soffer and Noam Elkies
09 All four Japanese participants played in the Bughouse tourney!
10 Lots of spectators in the Bughouse tourney
11 Eric Huber and Ion Murarasu studying the chess board, while Panagis Sklavounos is ready to make his move
12 Tadashi Wakashima and Kostas Prentos chat, while waiting for the next round to start
13 Jonathan Mestel and Colin McNab against Noam Elkies and Ram Soffer
14 Japanese against Greeks!
15 Dimitris Skyrianoglou and Panagis Sklavounos against David Friedgood and John Nunn
16 Aleksandr Azhusin, Andrey Selivanov, Ilya Ketris and Valery Kopyl prepare themselves for the Bughouse tourney, while Yevgen Migdal watches carefully
17 Israelis preparing themselves for the Bughouse tourney
18 Michal Dragoun and Milan Petras
19 Harry Fougiaxis while preparing the pairs for the Bughouse tourney
20 Noam Elkies (left) and Ram Soffer (right)
21 Ofer Comay and Gady Costeff against Aleksandr Azhusin and Andrey Selivanov