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01 Roland Baier and Marek Kolcak checking the announcement board
02 Roland Baier resting at the hotel lobby
03 Josef Kupper (left) and Roland Baier (right)
04 Thomas Maeder studying a composition
05 James Quah (left) and Peter Gvozdják (right)
06 Three Swiss in the hotel lobby, from left to right: Roland Baier, Josef Kupper, Thomas Maeder
07 Harry Fougiaxis, the WCCC chief organizer
08 Colin Sydenham (left) and Marjan Kovacevic (right)
09 Axel Steinbrink (Germany)
10 Juliana Vermeer and Piet le Grand
11 Allan Bell (Ireland)
12 Hemmo Axt (Germany)
13 Michael McDowell at the hotel lobby
14 Pavlos Moutecidis (left) and Harry Fougiaxis (right) studying the entries of the H#2 Quick Composing Ty
15 Ann Rice and Colin Sydenham talking with Byron Zappas at the hotel lobby
16 Ann Rice and Colin Sydenham at the hotel lobby
17 Reto Aschwanden in deep concentration with his laptop
18 Joost de Heer (left) and Piet le Grand (right)
19 Joost de Heer (Netherlands)
20 James Quah is curious for what Reto Aschwanden is preparing in his laptop
21 Mike Prcic (left) and Fadil Abdurahmanovic (right)
22 Petko Petkov and Aleksandr Azhusin (with his back to the camera)
23 Roland Baier (left) and Thomas Maeder (right) composing at the pool bar
24 Thomas Maeder, Hans Peter Rehm and Roland Baier composing at the hotel lobby
25 bernd ellinghoven at the hotel lobby
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