Up one level 47th WCCC, 4-11 September 2004, Halkidiki, Greece » Composing Tournaments Prize-Giving

Composing Tournaments Prize-Giving

01 Trophies of the Ukrainian Folk Crafts composing tourney
02 John and Ann Rice
03 Josef and Doris Kupper with Ann Rice
04 Colin Sydenham with the Macleod Whisky tourney trophies
05 Roland Baier (left) and Chris Handloser (right)
06 Kjell Widlert (standing) and Hans Gruber
07 Hans Peter Rehm (left) and Reto Aschwanden (right)
08 Thomas Maeder, Hans Gruber, bernd ellinghoven, Hans Peter Rehm with their 1 HM Tzuica tourney diploma
09 Michel Caillaud (left) with Reto Aschwanden (right) in the Champagne composing tourney prize-giving
10 Peter Gvozdjak hands over to Reto Aschwanden his bottle for his 1st-3rd Prize in the Spisska Borovicka tourney
11 Lots of bottles for the winners! Noam Elkies (left) and Reto Aschwanden (right)
12 Riitta and Harri Hurme celebrating for the 2nd Prize in the Macleod Whisky tourney
13 John and Ann Rice
14 George Georgopoulos (left) and Byron Zappas (right)
15 Colin Sydenham congratulates Mark Erenburg for his 1st Prize in the Macleod Whisky tourney
16 Menachem Witzum gets his bottle from Valery Gurov for his 3rd Prize in the Moskovskaya Matreshka tourney
17 Andrey Selivanov (left) and Uri Avner (right)
18 Eric Huber (left) and Menachem Witztum (right)
19 Gady Costeff and Ofer Comay receive their bottle from Michal Dragoun: Prize in the 6th Becherovka Tourney
20 Menachem Witztum hands over to Jean Haymann the bottle for his 1st Prize in the Sabra composing tourney
21 Menachem Witztum with the Sabra composing tourney winners
22 Francesco Simoni and Mario Parrinello hand over to Menachem Witztum the bottle for his 1st Prize in the Grappa Ty